About Us

The First Tennessee Regional Group Mustang Club - Mustang Club of America Charter

Welcome to the Home Page of the First Tennessee Regional Mustang Club.

Our club was founded in November 1976 just eight months after the foundation of the Mustang Club of America. The First Tennessee Regional Group Mustang Club (AKA First Tennessee Regional Mustang Club) is the first regional group of the Mustang Club of America. The club has played a large part in the history of Mustang lore and supports the love and enjoyment of all classic cars. We are a state of Tennessee domestic non-profit with a mission of helping others in need. We support many regional charities, not for profit organizations, and individuals in times of need. The resources acquired and distributed for that support is gathered and shared from car shows, donations, cruise ins, and other activities and events hosted by this car club. We have many partners and sponsors in these efforts including local and national businesses and individuals as well as other car clubs. Many thanks to all of those that help us help others.

Club Historical Information


  • President – Joe Pearce
  • Vice President – Cody Walden (Interim 2019)
  • Secretary – Sherri Pearce
  • Treasurer – Joann Massey (Interim 2019)
  • Quarter Master and Road Captain – David Guerriero
  • Regional MCA Director – Lee Massey (Interim 2019)